Construction, Steel Workers

This painting hails the age of the skyscraper. Passers-by marveled at the feats of engineering. As one newspaper reported, “Shoving a mountain of steel and stone bodily up into the blue sky is the modern miracle which makes even New York stop, look and listen.”


I am a lifelong developer of New York City real estate. This work shows all the dynamism of building the city that I love. To me, the vitality, action and beauty of this painting epitomize New York City and is at the core of our collection. I am inspired every time I see it.

Elie Hirschfeld, New York City real estate developer

Arriving early to the job, one can hear the wind whistle through the steel skeleton of the building. This is the life chosen by our people, where sons follow in the footsteps of the fathers and uncles. High above the cityscape, a prayer is said for the Creator, to keep all safe. The foreman yells “Let’s hang some steel,” and another day begins.

Steven Thomas (Mohawk Akwesasne), Former steelworker and field superintendent